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The Ultimate Job Offer Evaluation Template

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Last week, I presented the importance of personal finance to a bunch of students at my alma mater Tufts University. I knew that some of the finance stuff wouldn’t really sit with them -- too focused on finding the right jobs, getting good grades, and in pre-covid times, probably beer pong. Not enough focus on real world stuff -- budgeting time, energy, and money. So I knew I wanted to provide them with a resource that would immediately help them on their finance journey (whether they know they’re starting it or not!) And now I’m sharing that with you!

The Ultimate Job Offer Evaluation Template

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Most of the time when we explore job offers we think about company fit and the skills we want. Then from a financial perspective we tend to think about salary + bonus, BUT often stop there. It’s crucial to think of the whole picture. What other benefits does your company provide -- will they pay for your cell phone? Do they have a 401k with quality index funds? What about a match? Maybe they cover the costs of an office set up if you work from home? All this stuff adds up and should count in the total job offer package.

And then of course, don’t forget the costs of a job. Is the job far away? Will you have to pay more to commute (think wear and tear on car, gas mileage, commuter rails, etc.)? Does the job require you to wear fancy clothes like suits and ties? That will add up. What about healthcare costs (premiums, deductibles, max of out pocket)? I encourage you to ask about these costs during the interview process.

Both Joe and I benefitted greatly from using these templates in our own career journey. We would ask about every single line item, and in the process, got a much better sense of what to expect from that job. Totally worth it IMHO.

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