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Free tools to help you grow your personal wealth and financial security

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Finding savings everyday
68 ways to save a buck

Check out these high-impact, unique tips and tricks designed to get help you start saving todayMore savings means more money put towards your goals and passions. Our challenge is for you to choose 5 (just 5!) of these ideas over the next week and see if you can start finding savings today. 

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The ultimate job evaluation template

If you're in the market for a new job, make sure to compare the full package of any offer. There's so much more than just comparing salary and bonus! Each job has its hidden benefits (and costs) so by outlining them you can make sure which job is truly best for you.

Spread / 'spred /

When you learn to optimize your own wellbeing, it’s much easier to optimize for others

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The FI-lanthropy Calulator

Heard of FIRE? Not only does Financial Independence provide you with your own personal security and freedom, it can also act as your superpower for doing good in this world. Explore how your commitment to taking a giving pledge impacts your FI timeline and portfolio, and see the real impact you can have. 

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