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Coaching for do-gooders

Speak with us for free about your finances and plans for giving

How our coaching program works

1 / Apply

Fill out our brief application form. Give us a sense of your goals and where you need guidance. If we are a match, we will reach out to book time with you. 

2 / Prepare

If you are accepted, we'll ask you to gather all your financial information into one place so we can have an effective discussion based on real numbers. The more prepared you are, the more impactful our meeting will be. 

3 / Meet

We'll have a 1:1 video call where you can speak with us about your goals and main concerns. If appropriate, we may recommend you to other advisors or point you to additional resources.

4 / Follow-up

In some cases, we may propose another video call if additional support is needed. 

How we can help


Review financial plans

Together, we'll explore opportunities to improve both your personal finances and opportunities to give


Suggest new resources

Subject to your personal goals and the opportunity to make the biggest impact, we'll point you to relevant books, bloggers, or other educational materials

Make introductions

We may refer you to other advisors to support you with your personal financial plans or philanthropic goals

Who can we help

We're best prepared to help people who:

  • Are planning to make a large donation, or are considering taking a donation pledge (like One For The World, or Giving What We Can)

  • Are familiar with or want to learn more about the tenets of effective altruism

  • Have taken the Learn to Invest & Build Wealth course, or already have a strong understanding of financial planning

  • Are located in the US. At this time we only work with folks in-country due to our unique investment and tax structures.

If you’re not sure about whether to apply, we recommend that you do!

Who you'll meet with

Rebecca Herbst, Founder of Yield & Spread

Rebecca is an advocate of effective altruism and part of the FIRE movement (Financial Independence Retire Early). At the age of 32, she reached financial independence and left the corporate workforce to build Yield & Spread. She's worked with hundreds of people on their finances and is excited to help you explore giving back. 

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