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Coaching for do-gooders

Speak with us about your finances and plans for giving

How our coaching program works

1 / Apply

Fill out our brief application form. Give us a sense of your goals and where you need guidance. If we are a match, we will reach out to book time with you. 

2 / Prepare

If you are accepted, we'll ask you to gather all your financial information into one place so we can have an effective discussion based on real numbers. The more prepared you are, the more impactful our meeting will be. 

3 / Meet

We'll have a 1:1 video call where you can speak with us about your goals and main concerns. If appropriate, we may recommend you to other advisors or point you to additional resources.

4 / Follow-up

In some cases, we may propose another video call if additional support is needed. 

How we can help


Review financial plans

Together, we'll explore opportunities to improve both your personal finances and opportunities to give


Suggest new resources

Subject to your personal goals and the opportunity to make the biggest impact, we'll point you to relevant books, bloggers, or other educational materials

Make introductions

We may refer you to other advisors to support you with your personal financial plans or philanthropic goals

Who can we help

We're best prepared to help people who:

  • Are planning to make a large donation, or are considering taking a donation pledge (like One For The World, or Giving What We Can)

  • Are familiar with or want to learn more about the tenets of effective giving

  • Have taken the Learn to Invest & Build Wealth course, or already have a strong understanding of financial planning

  • Are located in the US. At this time we only work with folks in-country due to our unique investment and tax structures.

If you’re not sure about whether to apply, we recommend that you do!

Who you'll meet with

Rebecca Herbst, Founder of Yield & Spread

Rebecca is an advocate of effective giving and part of the FIRE movement (Financial Independence Retire Early). At the age of 32, she reached financial independence and left the corporate workforce to build Yield & Spread. She's worked with hundreds of people on their finances and is excited to help you explore giving back. 

CNP09025 (1)_edited.jpg

Our Pricing


per one hour session



if you donate at least $5,000 to charity each year, or plan to make a large lump sum donation greater than $20,000

Why do we price this way? Yield & Spread measures its performance based on positive impact, not just dollars generated. If you are already donating meaningful sums of money and we are able to further help you on this journey, then we want to do that at cost. If you can't yet commit to this level of donating, we still want to help. But we charge for this service to ensure that we can still have an impact as we distribute 100% of our proceeds after operating costs to effective charities. Why the $5,000 threshold? It is estimated that it costs somewhere between $3,000-$5,000 to save a life, assuming charitable interventions are effective. It's clear and simple. We're willing to help you for FREE if you are willing to save one life!

What people have to say

While this program is still relatively new, the reviews have been promising. 

Of the 30 people we have coached, all but two have given us a 5 star rating. 


Johanna M.

"Coaching helped me realize that I had been double, even triple-counting expenses in my budget. I have already reached my savings goals and don't need to keep sacrificing 'fun' money to save even more. I can do all this and keep donating."


Wenmar B.

"I was conflicted on how I could pursue financial independence while still donating a meaningful amount to charity. Yield & Spread helped me explore alternative paths to FI that I could pursue. By the time I left the call, I felt more certain about my financial and donating journey." 


Constance L.

"I highly recommend Rebecca's personalized coaching sessions! The pre reqs beforehand ensured our time together was focused and productive. Her advice was immediately useful, particularly around hiring trustworthy people to manage your finances. She connected me with top-notch advisors."

Sarah Pomeranz.jpeg

Sarah P.

"Rebecca's coaching challenged my assumption that ESG investments were the default high-impact option for investing. She opened my eyes to the effect of high expense ratios on my investment growth, and showed me alternative options. As a result, I not only optimized my investments but also freed up resources to support causes close to my heart."


Billy H. 

"It's so refreshing to talk finances with someone who understands my goals! Yield & Spread uniquely aligns financial guidance with the drive to make a positive impact, crafting strategies for those of us focused not just on accumulating wealth, but on doing the most good with our resources."

JM profile_square.jpg

Julia M. 

"Thanks to Rebecca's coaching, I realized I already had enough saved for retirement to justify taking a new job with greater meaning and impact, even if it meant reducing my salary and investment contributions for a period of time."

  • I'm a true beginner. Will I be able to keep up?
    If you can use a computer and you understand basic math, then you are more than able to take this course and learn to invest.
  • What do I need to take the course?
    You don't need anything, but ideally you are able to get access to all your bank account information so you can begin taking action starting Day 1 of the course.
  • I wanna get rich quickly. Can you teach me how to do that?
    We can teach you how to get rich. But not quickly. Building wealth in a stable, growing manner doesn't happen overnight. If you're looking for a get rich quick scheme, this isn't it.
  • What type of investments will I learn about?
    You'll learn about stocks, bonds, and funds. We do not teach alternative investment strategies such as real estate, cryptocurrency, angel investing, etc. We are solely focused on passive investment strategies, investing without having to spend hours and hours doing research.
  • Does it matter what age I am?
    The strategy we teach in this course is best for those who have not yet reached traditional retirement age. So whether you are still in school or you are well into your career, this course is right for you.
  • Is this course only for people living in the US?
    The investing approach we teach is global in nature, but the nitty gritty accounts and taxes that are explained are U.S. focused.
  • I heard you used to teach this class live? Why is it online now?
    We decided to move online so we could reach more people. The live course had too many time restraints. However, we know a lot of you like to ask questions. So we are still offering live options for groups of people (10 or more). Please reach out if you are interested in something like this.
  • You said all profits go to charity. What are your costs?
    Most of the hard work put into Yield & Spread is volunteer-based. People have contributed their time and energy because they believe in our cause. Therefore, all of our operating costs are attributed to making this course available to you (our website, hosting our course online, etc.) We're quite lean and our annual costs are estimated to be <$700. So every dollar above and beyond that goes to charity.
  • What if I'm not satisfied with the course?
    We're committed to making you happy. If you pay for one of our courses and are not satisfied, you can request a refund within 3 weeks (21 days) after your payment. Please reach out with any questions. We don't offer partial refunds.
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