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Yield (v.)

/ 'yēld /

To produce a profit from an investment

Spread (v.)

/ 'spred /

To share or extend in various directions

Everyone deserves access to low-cost, high-quality financial education.

Here at Yield & Spread, we teach the ins and outs of personal finance, investing, and financial wellbeing. We'll show you that intelligent investing can be simple, despite the financial industry's attempts to make it seem otherwise. In our Learn to Invest & Build Wealth course, you'll gather all the skills you need to invest and manage your money independently and with confidence.

But the best part about Yield & Spread? All of our profits go to charity. 

Boost your Wallet. Wellbeing. World.

Wait, a personal finance course where all profits go to charity?

Yup, that's right! After operating costs, every single additional cent we generate goes to The Life You Can Save, which supports highly cost–effective and impactful charities.

What's behind this? We believe that financial literacy is our key superpower to doing good in this world. When we teach you to build wealth, what we are really doing is empowering you to rise to your full ambitions. Our personal ambition is to help others. And financial literacy has been our greatest tool in achieving this.


The Learn to Invest &
Build Wealth Course

Is this right for me?

This course was created for beginners and existing investors who want to simplify their personal finance strategy. The course was designed for those residing in the US. A basic understanding of simple addition, subtraction, and multiplication and a willingness to learn is all you need to get going. If you've ever asked any of the following questions, this course is right for you.

  • I've heard of stocks and bonds, but what are they really?

  • How much cash do I need to save vs. how much do I need to invest?

  • I have a good job, but why can't I achieve my financial goals?

  • It seems like I'll never be able to retire at the rate I'm going

  • I have a financial planner but I don't really know what they are doing with my money


I loved how Rebecca pulled everything together in one place. I literally spent years reading books & articles to learn what she packages in an easy-to-understand course.

Adam B.

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